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November 24, 2020

Helping People Shop Safely This Holiday Season

By Rob Leathern

Director, Product Management

W e want people to feel confident when shopping online this holiday season, especially when we’re being encouraged to stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But retailers aren’t the only ones preparing for a significant increase in online shopping. So are scammers.

As we work to get ahead of this challenge and stop scammers looking to break our rules, we also want to empower people to protect themselves. That's why we’ve partnered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) on the “Shop Safe, Shop Smart” campaign. Starting today and throughout December, the “Shop Safe, Shop Smart” campaign from the BBB and Facebook will run ads and organic content on Facebook, Instagram and various social media channels to promote actionable tips on how to spot, avoid and report scams online.

Consumers have trusted the BBB for honest information for decades. By joining forces, we can help people shop safely at the online retailers they already love and trust, while also giving them the confidence to discover and support new businesses, especially smaller ones, that might be turning to online channels due to the pandemic.

Every week, people will get a different set of tips, which will also be featured on the campaign’s website: www.bbb.org/shopsafe. We invite you to check it out and share this content with your own network.

Partnerships for Lasting Change

We know that one campaign alone won’t solve all the challenges that consumers and businesses face. So, as part of the partnership with the BBB, Facebook will also become a founding member of the BBB Corporate Trust Council, a coalition of select companies sharing expertise to identify and solve key issues affecting consumers and businesses. The goal is to build more trusting relationships between companies and their customers in the long run.

We are also encouraging advertisers to follow our rules and use more ethical marketing tactics through a new partnership with BBB National Programs’ National Advertising Division (NAD), including their Fast-Track SWIFT Program. In line with enforcing our Advertising Policies, which incorporate and go further than our Community Standards, this new relationship will allow NAD, the investigative arm of BBB National Programs charged with monitoring and resolving disputes regarding truth and accuracy in advertising, to directly share with Facebook the outcomes of cases related to specific ad campaigns faster. This will allow our enforcement teams to take action on ads reported to us that violate our policies, while helping to encourage more ethical practices among advertisers and across the digital advertising industry.

Read more about the "Shop Safe, Shop Smart" campaign and Facebook’s partnership with the BBB.

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