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Facebook Blueprint:免费的在线课程和认证


學習關于了解廣告成效的免費 Facebook 課程。




Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights allows you to learn more about your customer segments to help you create marketing messages that drive results. Use this?lesson to: Become familiar with Audience Insights Identify the benefits of using Audience...

Getting Started With Facebook and Partner Measurement Solutions

Use this?lesson to: Identify?how Facebook measurement solutions can help deliver accurate insights across placements and devices. Determine which ads are driving value across your entire media spend, both on and off Facebook. Learn how Facebook...

Understanding Campaign Performance with Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager gives you a complete view of your ad performance across the Facebook, family of ads and services. Use this?lesson to: Find the metrics your need and understand and share your results. See how to create customized reports. Learn...

Understanding Multi-Touch Attribution

Understand what's really driving sales, by considering each step of the consumer journey. Use this?lesson to: Understand the key concepts underlying multi-touch attribution (MTA). Learn to measure and analyze the entire path to conversion.

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