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This holiday shopping season will look different compared to years gone by. However, it's going to be more important than ever for people to come together and share gifts with their loved ones.

Learn how people expect to celebrate and shop this holiday season. Filter, find and share shopping insights from our 31-market consumer research. Then read our marketing guide for practical tips on opening up opportunities in the upcoming season.

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Explore our 2020 global shopping insights

Explore our 2020 global shopping insights

1. Gen X and Boomers dominate global mobile and ecommerce growth

People are forming new and lasting habits in media consumption and commerce—with Gen X and Boomers leading the charge. Globally, mobile purchases by these groups during the holiday season have grown on average by 50% or more year on year, while over 30% have messaged businesses.1 COVID-19 is having an impact too, with over 80% of Gen X and Boomers shopping online at this time.2

What you can do

Welcome holiday shoppers with a friction-free mobile experience.

2. Self-gifting and seasonal shopping can be positive outlets in difficult times

Even in challenging times, people find ways to stay positive and reward themselves. In past recessions, affordable luxuries such as lipstick, nail polish and ice cream have proven popular. And the sales season offers the ideal opportunity for self-gifting. In fact, 74% of global holiday shoppers say they research gifts for themselves.3

What you can do

Help people discover things they’ll love—connect the right products to the right people.

3. Imposed disruption fuels receptiveness to new products and services

While COVID-19 has disrupted lives, people are becoming more open to trying new products and services like grocery delivery. This holiday season, people will likely be even more receptive. 64% of global holiday shoppers say they explore new products more during the shopping season than the rest of the year.4 While price is a key factor, quality and safety also rank highly.5

What you can do

Spark new connections and stand out as the best choice.

4. The economic downturn will expedite the rise of mega sales

With COVID-19 affecting families and their finances, people will be more sensitive to price and turn to ecommerce to avoid crowds—meaning that mega sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be top of mind. Globally, people who shop on mega sales days are more likely than those who don't to spend more, shop on mobile and buy gifts for themselves.6

What you can do

Appeal to shopping preferences and accelerate buying with automation and machine learning.

5. The new value equation: affordability, authenticity and action

People care as much about the actions businesses take as they do about price, and they seek authentic, informative content from businesses. Beyond price and quality, global shoppers are increasingly drawn to brands that support causes they care about.7 COVID-19 has only heightened expectations with 82% of those surveyed agreeing brands should give back, for example by providing free services.8

What you can do

Share more than deals. Share values and take action.

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