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Facebook Small Business Grants Program for Black-Owned Businesses

The grants program is a part of Facebook's overall commitment to invest $100 million this year in the Black community.

The Small Business Grants Program is now closed and will no longer be accepting new applications or modifications.

Our program administrator has finished reviewing applications. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQs below.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program for Black-Owned Businesses FAQs

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer live support to applicants of the Facebook Small Business Grants Program. We invite grant recipients to visit the Facebook Help Center or the Instagram Help Center if additional support is required.

Recipients of a Facebook Small Business grant who opted in to receive the ad credit and completed the necessary steps, including providing a valid Facebook or Instagram account and a valid payment method on their account will have the ad credit automatically deposited into the provided ad account. In order for the ad credit to be deposited, the ad account must be active and have a valid payment method attached. Instructions and reminders for the required actions were sent by email to all grant recipients who opted in to receive the ad credit. Please check your spam folder if you are still missing these emails.

All Facebook ad accounts require a valid payment method, which will be used for charges if the ad credit runs out, but the business decides to continue running ads (see Ad Payment Methods)

The ad credit can be utilized for any future ad spend across any of our advertising surfaces, including Facebook and Instagram. It cannot be used for ad spend that was accrued before the ad credit was applied, nor can it be used in any way that would violate Facebook's Advertising Policies or the terms of the Facebook Small Business Grant Program. As a reminder, the funds and ad credits from the grant award cannot be used to run political ads on our advertising surfaces. To learn more about political ads, please visit the Facebook Help Center.

The expiration date of the ad credit is listed in Ads Manager. Once the ad credit expires, any advertising costs incurred will be charged to the primary payment method associated with the ad account.

Unfortunately, extensions to the expiration date cannot be granted. Upon expiration, any unused portion of the ad credit will forfeited.

Our grants administrator needs to first inform us who is eligible to receive an ad credit. They do this after they distribute the cash grant and accordingly, there is a delay from the time the cash grant is paid to when the ad credit can be deposited.

In some instances, there may be some other issue preventing us from successfully depositing the ad credit. Common reasons, and instructions to resolve these issues are listed within this FAQ.

There could be a number of reasons why a Facebook Small Business Grant recipient has not received the ad credit. The ad credit was optional and grant recipients who opted in to receiving ad credits are required to complete additional steps, including providing a valid Facebook or Instagram account. Applicants who did not opt in or who did not complete the necessary steps such as providing valid Facebook or Instagram account details by the stated program deadlines are ineligible to receive an ad credit.

If a grant recipient properly opted in to receive an ad credit, there could be a number of reasons why the deposit was unsuccessful. In each of these cases, the grant recipient has been sent an email with detailed instructions on how to resolve the issue. Below are the most common issues preventing us from depositing the ad credit:

Missing payment method: A valid payment method is required for ad accounts in order to receive an ad credit coupon.

Add a Payment Method for Facebook

Add a valid Payment Method for Instagram

Inactive account: An ad account must be active in order to receive ad credits coupons

  • Please take the following steps.

No. The cash and ad credit amounts are fixed.

No. The ad credit cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

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