FUN-GI Games sees 25% uplift in ARPDAU after launching bidding with Audience Network

FUN-GI Games designs and publishes games for growing brands. Founded in Los Angeles in 2014, their popular free-to-play home renovation simulation app House Flip has over 11 million downloads globally.


FUN-GI depends on ad monetization as a key revenue stream to help grow and sustain their business. To support their growth, they need to earn the most from every impression opportunity.
FUN-GI operated a hybrid set up for their ad mediation which meant that some demand sources were integrated via real-time bidding while others through waterfall. Although FUN-GI had a highly optimized waterfall to support their ads monetization, they suspected that having more demand sources compete through bidding could bring further value for each impression.


FUN-GI had partnered with Facebook Audience Network since the launch of House Flip working with them across ad monetization and user acquisition.
For ad monetization, FUN-GI had previously integrated Facebook Audience Network within their waterfall mediation set up. When they learned they could access Facebook Audience Network via bidding they were eager to test this.
FUN-GI integrated app bidding with Facebook Audience Network through AppLovin MAX. They tested it on their Home Flip app across iOS and Android with rewarded video placements.


Integrating the Facebook Audience Network bidder proved successful for FUN-GI, driving a 25% increase in ARPDAU1 (average revenue per daily active user).
Through an A/B test, FUN-GI compared two groups:
  • Group A: Accessing Facebook Audience Network through waterfall set up
  • Group B: Accessing Facebook Audience Network as a bidder
The A/B test showed an overall uplift of 25% in ARPDAU when comparing bidding vs. waterfall groups. When Facebook Audience Network was able to bid in real time on all relevant impressions this drove more competition for their inventory.
Further, by not having to manually manage their complex waterfall, the FUN-GI team saved time in their ad operations and was able to devote more time to growing their business including developing new titles and expanding their team.
Facebook Audience Network supports the move to an open and fair ad ecosystem through bidding. We work with a number of bidding integration partners that follow our code of conduct to support a healthy ecosystem for people, publishers and advertisers.

Source: 1ARPDAU uplift figures based on analysis from July 4 - 18, 2019.

ARPDAU lift can vary across publishers due to a number of factors including but not limited to waterfall set up before introducing bidding, number of demand sources, app type, vertical, geography, etc.

Changing from waterfall to bidding with Facebook Audience Network helped boost our ad revenue significantly while saving us valuable time in our ad operations. Set up was smooth and we were able to see the impact of bidding on our business almost immediately.
- Alfred Fung, CEO of FUN-GI


利用 Audience Network 開啟創收之路。