Interstitial ads

Full-screen ad experiences for natural breaks in your app flow.

Monetize with this flexible, immersive format

Used during a natural break in the user flow of your app, interstitial ads allow you to create a seamless user experience.

Access valuable additional demand

Add this additional format to your ad experience for a new source of advertiser demand.

Leverage diverse creatives

Available in a range of creatives, including display, rewarded video, carousel (image and video) and playable ads to give gamers a varied experience and help you meet your goals.

Ensure a positive user experience

Interstitials on Audience Network have been designed to be a high-quality experience for users, with low latency.

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Interstitial ads success stories

Glu Mobile logo

We’ve seen CPMs that are 2X higher or better with Facebook Audience Network compared to other top ad networks...At the same time, we feel that Facebook’s accurate targeting and top-tier brands make for a best-in-class user experience.

- Chris Akhavan, President of Publishing, Glu Mobile

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Facebook Audience Network interstitial ads can be designed to fit your app.