Building for Better Revenue

Monetization tips and strategies for growing your app

Attract a Larger Audience

As a publisher, having a large and active audience is key to your business revenue and success. But there is a lot of competition for their time and attention. While every app is unique, all have a common challenge - making the most ad revenue while preserving the overall experience.

Know Your Audience, Grow Your Business

Know Your Audience, Grow Your Business

Facebook Analytics is a complete analytics solution for iOS and Android mobile apps. A truly omni-channel solution, Facebook Analytics can help you understand your complete customer journey so you can make better decisions about how to reach your current customers and acquire new ones.

Facebook Analytics is completely free to use and easy to integrate.
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Use Facebook Ads to Help Grow Your App’s User Base

Use Facebook Ads to Help Grow Your App’s User Base

Attract more users for your app by reinvesting part of your revenue from Audience Network to help get additional app installs. Here are the most used types of ads for apps:

App Install Ads

With Facebook mobile app install ads, you can promote your app to potential new users and get them to download it. To increase the number of people who install your app, app install ads link directly to the App Store, Google Play and Kindle Fire stores, so people can download your app right away.

Mobile App Engagement Ads

You can also increase engagement from existing customers by getting them to use your app again with mobile app engagement ads, which can include directing them to a specific place within your app.

Playable Ads

The playable ad format is an interactive video ad for Facebook and Audience Network for mobile app advertisers to drive higher quality and higher intent users to install their apps with a try-before-you-buy experience.
Reach the Right People

When you advertise on Facebook, you choose the audience for your ads by factors including age, location, interests and more. There are also additional ways to help your ads reach the audience that will give you the best possible results. With Facebook ad targeting, you can identify the people who are likely to take the actions you want them to, such as downloading your app.

Lookalike Audiences

You can find audiences that look like your current ones by creating a Lookalike Audience. A Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your app because they’re similar to your best existing app users.

Custom Audiences

If you already have a user base, you can target specific groups of existing customers with your mobile app engagement ads by creating a Custom Audience. You can show ads to the audience you’ve created on Facebook and Instagram.

Show Quality Ads

How to Show Quality Ads for a Better User Experience

One of the most important things you can do to help make more money over the long term and increase lifetime value
Lifetime value is how you measure the value of a user over a given time.
is to focus on quality - both in how your app is designed and how you display ads. When your ad experience is designed for quality, you’ll be more likely to grow your user base, keep existing users, and provide more value to the advertisers who display ads in your app.

And all of that adds up to help grow revenue for you as you monetize.

Here are some of our top guidelines to help you maintain a quality experience for your app users to help you achieve sustainable growth.
1. Protect your user experience - your app depends on it

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind for the long-term growth of your app. When ads are aligned with the interests of your users, they can enhance your app and even improve the user experience. So before you integrate an ad network in your app put yourself in the place of the user and think carefully about how your ads are going to appear in the user flow.

2. Design your app for native ads so they are part of the experience

Native ads appear just like a part of your content, so they are relevant and engaging for your users. With native ads, you determine the look and feel, size and location of your ads. Your native ad should be clearly delineated from the rest of your content and have space around it to avoid accidental clicks.

3. Prevent accidental ad clicks

If a user clicks on an ad when they didn’t mean to, it will take them away from your app and become a frustrating experience. Plus, they probably won’t take the action advertisers want them to, which means the ad is measured as less effective overall—which can impact your ad revenue. In general, the quality of the clicks your app’s ads get is much more important than the number of people who click the ads. Use the design guidelines in section 2 to keep accidental clicks off of your ads.

4. Keep your SDK up-to-date

To show native ads effectively, it’s extremely important to work with an ad network you can trust. Many ad networks will distribute low-quality ads that end up creating a low-quality experience for your users. Be sure to use an ad network that carefully screens their advertisers and gives you control over the types of ads that are going to appear in your app. In addition, most ad networks are continually updating what they offer and coming out with new ad formats. Be sure you always have the latest version of their SDK so that both the performance of your ads and the user experience are the best they can be.

5. Check and double check the user's experience with ads

Before you launch any new ad experiences or features in your application, test them out before pushing to the app store. If there are any bugs or other issues, it’s easier to fix them before you go live than to fix once people start using your app. Be sure to always complete the following if you change or add anything to your app:

  • When integrating a new ad network, add testers to your app and check the flow and experience of real ads on different devices.
  • Test the experience with different types of network connections. That way, people in diverse geographical areas, whether they’re on 2G or 4G, will have a quality experience with your app.
  • See how interruptions like pop-ups, text notifications and incoming calls impact the experience.

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